monitor variations of the intracranial pressure pulse morphology (waveform) both in visual and numerical* formats

  • non invasive
  • on bedside
  • real time

  • affordable
  • no radiation emission
  • as often as necessary (coninuously or sporadic)

* Numerical information of the ICP waveform is a feature of our wireless sensor version which has not been evaluated by the FDA nor cleared for commercial use in the US.

provides visual real time or estimated* the P2 / P1 ratio of the intracranial pressure pulse morphology

from anywhere and within minutes you can access information that was previously obtained only with invasive methods and in very specific cases.

allowing visual interpretation of alterations in intracranial pressure and compliance

most common use:
Assistance in initial patient assessment with ICP waveform information to interpret changes intracranial pressure and compliance.

Subsequent monitoring and evolution of patient’s clinical condition over time, using P2/P1 visual interpretation as an additional information in a multi-modal assessment.